JERA was founded in 2001 by Dana Noel to provide construction management services to projects engaged in the adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Although focused on historic work with extensive experience in historic tax credit projects and historic preservation standards, JERA's expertise is broad and includes both old and new construction.

Our interest in the adaptive reuse of historic buildings is our modest opportunity to share in a larger community vision that restores use and vitality while preserving the legacy of what came before. Historic buildings strongly mark out connection to the past. JERA plays a collaborative role in helping to restore these compass points and to maintain a continuity of spirit while reestablishing an environment where people and community can thrive.
By focusing on adaptive reuse JERA practices the greenest rule of stainability-the recycling of existing buildings. JERA's work strides a balance between historically sensitive restoration work and the need to improve building performance through current technology.

Each project is a witness to the technical creativity and will to solve the unique and different problems of restoration by JERA's key personnel each of whom have over 25 years experience in residential and commercial construction. JERA's knowledge and depth of experience is the basis for exceptional construction management and site supervision services. Every project is our unique and special opportunity to fulfill the projects potential for the owner and the community and be true to our mission of preserving the past while creating the future.