The Gwinn Estate
10,000 square feet
Built between 1907 and 1908 this Cleveland estate was home to a wealthy industrialist, William Gwinn Mather. The building embodies features of an Italianate villa yet exhibits strong elements of Neoclassical Revival presented in the portico on the north side of the home. The Gwinn is considered to be one of the finest of architect Charles A. Platt's works embracing many of the features that distinguish Platt architecture . . . compactness of the site, integration with natural and manmade landscape features and a lexicon of classical design elements.
The original construction cost of the mansion was one million dollars. The cost of the gardens equaled that of the mansion, and became as famed as the house they surround. The Current owners are sensitive to the historic significance of the property and have retained JERA Contractors to preserve and reinstate most of the original features and finishes while incorporating modern elements such as geothermal heating and cooling and all new electrical and plumbing.