Window Restoration
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) standards and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation place great emphasis on window restoration in building rehabilitation projects.

The windows are often one of the most defining characteristics of an historic building. This is reason alone to restore the original windows. Few if any options exist with replacement systems that will duplicate the original site lines, the aesthetic beauty, or the effectiveness of the original window.

A key component of JERA's work with historic properties is our ability to bring a building's original windows back to working condition in a manner that satisfies both historic preservation standards and the need for improved performance and efficiency. Our in-house window specialists carefully rebuild, refinish, and reglaze original windows using the same methods and materials as originally used to build and operate them.
The windows are then returned to the building for a seamless presentation of the building's original character, both interior and exterior.

When properly functioning the "old fashioned" system is often superior to replacement. The ease of operation is smooth and constant and will not lose its performance over time. When both top and bottom sashes open, double hung windows can be cleaned with the sane ease as tilting. Wooden windows in combination with storm sashes means better acoustical and energy insulation.

Window restoration should always be the option of choice. There are few aesthetic or functional conditions calling for replacement windows. Research has shown that original windows can be made energy efficient for less money. They are most consistent with sustainable practices and rarely is there a credible pay back offsetting the large cost of new windows.